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My name is Luck, this is my song.

I am alive, what can go wrong?

The Enemy of the Good
"One thing I've noticed—I'm curious about this: you're never alone in a room with [him], are you? You're smooth about it, but you're never one-on-one with him. Why's that? Do you think he's psychic, is that it?"

"No. He's an eideteker—he has a remarkable visual memory... but I don't think he's psychic. He wouldn't let Duke test him... that doesn't mean anything, though. He hates to be prodded and poked. So do I."

My mind is not for rent
Don't put me down as arrogant
My reserve is a quiet defense
Writing out the day's events

Favorite food: Snowflakes!
Favorite drink: A refreshingly short 40 oz. of PABST

"You're so good at giving women breasts" - smandas

Hail to the Chief, baby
Commander in Chief, AFROTC

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