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Some barfight advice from The Refreshments.

"So this big ol' guy comes up to me
he says, 'Hey, Skinny White Boy,
I don't like the way yer lookin at my girlfriend'
'What an ugly thing to say,' I said.
But don't you flatter yourself, y'know;
I don't think that much of your girlfriend.'

So this big ol' guy socks me in the nose
And I falls on my back
And I'm gettin blood on my clothes
And he says, 'Hey, Skinny White Boy,
Whaddaya think about that?'
I said, 'It doesn't change much, y'know,
I still don't think that much of your girlfriend.'"

Oh, yes. I will be prepared, three months from today, when I TURN TWENTY-ONE!

Happy 100th birthday for real today, Aunt Louise! (She won't read this, but it's the thought).

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