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The Last Bombardment

These are all songs in various stages of writtenness from last night. I like to have fun with my titles.

First, some "My rhymes be so bad" lyrics:
Fucking Die, Motherfucker
you cannot escape
it's motherfucking futile
these rhymes that I make
are motherfucking brutal

There's nothing I hate
like your motherfucking candy-ass
So much I'd devastate
you, given half a chance

I'll slip you into oblivion
with knife or with gun
I'm sure I could conceive
ways that are more fun

Next is something that came to me while watching Lost Highway, to the tune of 21st Century Schizoid Man, oddly enough. It was a lot better, but I didn't get to write it down until I'd lost most of it (See Not Fade Away further down).
Something (She)
Beauty queen
on the screen
something about her screams
something about her seems
her face
so commonplace
I'm floored
can't ignore
Je t'adore
I've seen it everywhere before
so plain
Mary Jane
nothing but pain
can remain
in her afterimage
a fading visage
90 minutes of bliss
Life is nothing more than this
she is
I can never have

More fun with titles. Also, some playing with a theme and changing small bits, all based around the Sleater-Kinney song Write Me back, Fucker:
God Fucking Damn
I read your letter today
It said the same things it said yesterday
It's the same damn letter that has nothing to say
You sent it last year and now the pages fray

I didn't read your letter today
It says nothing just like it did yesterday
It goes on and on with nothing to say
Why, oh why must it be this way?

I didn't read your letter today
Cause you didn't send any fucking letter my way
Why won't you admit you don't fucking want me?
Can't you see I can't let myself free?

You'll read my letter today
I hope it says all I needed to say
I hope it doesn't sound too cliché
I can't believe I had to leave this way

Toadies, straight up. Quitter, especially:
Blood-stained Letter Sweater
I've been plotting to kill your boyfriend
He annoys me to no end
I've been wanting to make him die
That's what he gets for making you cry

He's such an ass, he doesn't deserve you
He has everything else, Mr. J. Fucking Crew
It's like a nightmare that I can't leave
You two together, I just won't believe

Just like a hair band, I softened at the end:
Not Fade Away (like Buddy)
The final note of a song
Or a lover's last kiss
It seems as I grow older
There's more that I'll miss
I can't count all the things
As I fall from day to day
That I wish would just
Not fade away

The sound of my mother's laugh
That look in my father's eye
When I think that they've gone at last
It makes me want to cry
Time spills like infinite milk
On a warm summer's day
You can never seem to soak it all up
Never seem to make it Not fade away

The smell of the lawn
Of my childhood home
The thrill of driving
For the first time alone
Memories persist
Against endless decay
But in the end, can anything make them
Not fade away?

The face of love
Came to me once in a dream
Along with a song
From my heart like a scream
I wanted to write down
I knew just what to say
Come the morning I was left only the memory of a memory
That would Not fade away

All of these things
Are now just shades of grey
Why couldn't they please just
Not fade away?

Why are all my friends smoking? Don't they realize that it kills me inside? I can't care about someone who would smoke; I have so few people I care about left.

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