The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

What the--?!: Mutie Ecchs-Factor = $ale$!

I seen da new X-men cartoon. It's Degrassi Jr. High! So far, in each episode there's an unpopular mutie kid that gets picked on, the X-men try and save him from being outcast, but deep down, he's still evil because he doesn't fit in. The only exceptions are Kurt (Night-Boompher, because in the comics he goes *boomph!*) who has a dee-vice what makes him look normal (he's also foreign, and it's bad to hate foreign people. All the evil mutants are cracker-ass rednecks. That's okay.) and Rogue, who's a cute Goth chick who occasionally says y'all rather than beat us over the head with the fact that she's southern by say, HAVING AN ACCENT. Why is Rogue a Goth? She's a cute outcast. End of story.

Storm has gone from being one of the new muties in the 80's to being older than everyone except Logan. She's supposed to be even younger than Shadowcat, I thought. And speaking of Shadowcat... Why, God? WHY? They made my darling Kitty Pryde (almost typed Genovese on a reflex. Gack!) into a complete ditz. Just because she's the "young one." At least they remembered to add a pointless minority character (Spyke). Because the comic books didn't have enough black people back in the day. It's X-Men continuity. We'll just send some back to an alternative timeline which will spawn its own gold-foil chrome color series. The X-Factor never fail$!

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