The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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Announcing a new service an' shit!

Some foo' half a world away talkin' trash? Someone disrespecting your ho's in one of your far-off multinational investitures? Just plain need some sucka fool whacked, but you're out of town?

Just dial: 10-10-187 and the pager or cellular number of the niggah you want regulated, and we'll fuck that mofo up somepin sho-nuff.

Remember, that number is 10-10-187, for all your long-distance killing needs.

Service not available in some hoods. All requests validated with a minimum 50% of corpse returned. Unsatisfied customers may refer their complaints to the nearest law enforcement agency, who will more than likely be glad to hear of their conspiracy to whack/attempted whacking to the tune of 5-10 in a federal pen., barring priors.
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