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Psychogrenades, HO!

Watch out, the Philanthropic Sand Apostle is coming atcha!

Check out this hero name generator. Enable Marvelizer for kooky mass-mutantism.

The bizarre A-lad
Power(s): Machine control, Explodes, Electrical generation/control
Source of powers: Mutant ancient lore
Weapon: Radiation Hubcap
Transportation: Lad Kayak

The brave Invisible Falcon (Invisible-Falcon, Invisiblefalcon, Falcon Invisible, Falcon-Invisible, Falconinvisible)
Power(s): Heat vision, Growth, Invulnerability
Source of powers: Mutant soul sold to Devil
Weapon: Particle Net
Transportation: Invisible Pogo Stick

The polite Mother Guardsman (Mother-Guardsman, Motherguardsman, Guardsman Mother, Guardsman-Mother, Guardsmanmother)
Power(s): Time travel, Intuition
Source of powers: Mutant vampirism
Weapon: Ice Pencil
Transportation: Mother Scooter

The famous Redtech (Red-tech)
Power(s): Empathy, Super strength, Light generation/control
Source of powers: Extra-dimensional mutant
Weapon: Water Trident
Transportation: Kitetech

The philanthropic Sand Apostle
Power(s): Invisibility, Gadget creation, Animal control
Source of powers: Mutant electrocution
Weapon: Psychogrenades
Transportation: Apostle Ultralight
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