The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

OCR Experiments

Dont you feel like you have something to say? Something worth
Baying? If not, what's the point? What's the meaning of a. life if you Can't extract meaning from it? "Nasty, brutish, and short"? 18 that all there is? What do you have to say? What have you seen? What have you learned, through pain? What pain can you spare others? Not that one's
life will ever be pain-free, but at the least we can afford them
new Pain, their own pain; rather than repeating the same old mistakes. This is, in a certain sense, what stories are. They are arch“Ted Pain; our apecies' storehouse of sufé‘ering. Is it any wonder the Ancient Greeks had so much love for tragedy? It is not a Joy in (mother's suffering; it is the warmth of shared understandm. "Nostalgia" -- our pain. These are humanity's scars. The goal is not to cut, but to trace the scars on fresh, unmarrgg skin. “If you hhould think to do this, then know that you risk these wounds.“ which is why games are such a wonderful storytelling medium. "Don't merely hear about the pain; experience it without the risk." Experience a weakened version; like a. vaccination of shared learning. with all the pain of an emotional pinprick; it hurts, but it'll heal.
It's also why stories show such a survivorship bias. Those who lived to tell about it, lived to tell about it. There is nothing
g innately special or wonderful about our heroes, other than that
they survived. And here is the cost they paid to do so (dear readers)
Paid in full, so you don't have to.
So remember the things you've suffered, and share them. Commit them to memory-"human memory-— so that the superorganiam will learn
from them. If you learn no other lesson from life, learn this one:
These are our shared scars.

I took three pictures of the same typed page, and submitted them to Google Docs for digital conversion. The full experiment is here.

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