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The Thingening

So I have taken the dive. Not only have I bought a typewriter on eBay (awaiting delivery, sometime next week) but I plonked down for a MacBook Air. The 11"/smallest one, for portability (especially on the motorcycle, wheeee). I have realized/acknowledged that the tablet is insufficient for my random computing needs (mainly creative endeavors that I am trying to be more ambitious about, like writing and coding/learning to code). So, wow, spending money on myself. For something not related to food/shelter (after much agonizing about the environmental and economic ramifications, not to worry). I also caught a comment today that I made in Apr. 2011 talking about building my new desktop as soon as I got my tax refund check. Sigh. But yeah, life happened. Now, though? Looks like stuff is stabilizing.

I'd like to buy a decent desktop for the purposes of recording Let's Play videos (yes, like a million other idiots). I've even got a decent concept for my first series of videos, to get people hooked/interested/aware and that showcases my... unique personality and playing style (which, in D&D terms, is probably somewhere between Loony and Real Role Player). I have a long history of saying I will do something and then someone else does it (often not as well as I think I would've, but whatevs counterfactuals). So I may be behind the curve, but I think I could bring actual entertaining content. And if I don't, at least I'll have basically a (low-end) home recording/editing studio.

Which is good, because I still want to work in (at least) audio recording/processing in my free time. One idea I have is to be sort of the mad scientist of hip hop (no, not that guy) and turn the freestyle rap improv thing I'm doing right now into sort of educational ("Schoolhouse Raps") content, focused on making science as glamorous as "gangsta" is/was in the 90s. "Fuck spinning rims, I'm talking Tokomaks. Spin those atoms; take the power back." Because learning is fun, math is awesome, science/knowledge is power, and people who "hate rap" are racist. When I look back on my life and my regrets, among them I do not want to count "I wish I'd built more robots." Humanity has so much potential; we should be more focused on the Kardashev scale than the Kardashians. Something something Waking Life superchimpanzee. I dunno, rather than complain about the world, I'd like to focus on the things that make us great. It's something to aim for until I start actively decomposing, at least.

So I'm trying to actually do things, and follow through with other things, and hope for still yet other things. Which is I guess part of kicking depression in the ghoulies? Because I'm not going down without a fight (unless you're a lady, but we're talking about depression here get your minds out of the gutter guis omg). Between the two of these things, it's, again, something to aim for. And I think in the future, what with the innernet 'n all, micro-fame is gonna be the way to go. Jobs are nearing obsolescence and the only (infinitely?) sustainable growth fields are creative endeavors (and I'm including science and programming under that umbrella). So either I succeed and lead the new vanguard or I die penniless and alone (or some laem middleground or hwatevs) but at least I'll be interesting (it's amazing how once I start talking about these things at say, a party, I actually have things to talk about; vs. the typical sorts of conversations where I am useless I SUCK AT SMALL TALK OK).

As I said to a friend recently, I'm lately all about recognizing what's amazing/wonderful about all the people I meet, reflecting it at them, and clearing any and all obstacles that might be in the way to them shining at 100% brightness. My superpower is boosting other people's superpowers. (I'm useless on my own, though.)

I am an end to negativity.

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