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I dreamt that I was working (as a production intern, I think?) for a really awesome show. I described it on facebook as being about "Hogwarts, but for science." Though I also thought of it as "the Big Bang Theory done right." The dream was more about the story idea(s) I had for an episode I wanted to write/pitch, but of course the actual stories themselves have evaporated. The idea for the show is still good, though. May not go anywhere or be commercially viable or anything like that, but still.

The show was set at a school for gifted kids, where science was the norm (and yes, since I went to a science and technology magnet school, I also understand the role of art and all forms of creative exercise, but I'll focus on the science), kind of like Eureka, Jr? So yeah, kids working on science and research and studies and basically really being encouraged to be as smart as they can be (as someone who grew up always being the smartest kid in the room, and who has studied the science of intelligence, I'm convinced everyone is intelligent, given the chance/support/resources/nutrition/attention), while still dealing with all the normal teenage stuff. And what it comes down to, in a lot of thinking about it, is really just being life-affirming. Like, what I would've loved to hear (in a believable fashion) when I was that age: just keep being you and doing what you love and being excited about stuff no matter how much people rag on you, keep asking questions, keep questing, keep being the best you you can be (even if that occasionally means downtime where you're not designing a particle accelerator, robot, or interstellar drive). Learning to fail, and fail well. Picking up the lessons as you pick yourself up and dust yourself off to try again. Keeping an eye out for your friends and even people who aren't your friends or even friendly to you for when they fall because if you can help them up and help them move forward, that's less time and energy directed inward at self-hatred. Something I'm intimately acquainted with.

Because humanity has such capacity for greatness. Riding under the George Washington Bridge on Saturday, I looked up and marveled at just one of the magnificent things we've been able to accomplish. And we were on such a trajectory. We've been to the moon. But though the rockstar scientist has never really been a thing, we did have great projects and great progress. And there was a big anti-intellectual backlash, but then "nerds" became cool again, but how much of the new "nerd" culture is just liking certain intellectual properties and buying the right merch? How much of it is people making actual progress on the frontiers of knowledge? How much of it is quoting Real Genius vs. living it?

Not everyone is going to be a scientist. Or a great actor. Or a hard-working teacher. But everyone has something they love, a fire that should be fanned. I may not be anything *great*, but I'm certainly going to do more to fan the flames. Starting with my own.

I haven't explained this very well because I'm rushing and I have to leave for practice. But at least for today, I've written something.

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