The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

My thoughts to your thoughts

(isn't that what writing/performing/art is all about? putting thoughts in someone else's brain?)

Performance... space
I've been performing... a LOT. Had a Friday show a week and a half ago, followed by a Monday show (test drive, round 2), and then we performed Sunday night with our mentors in the North Coast. Aaaaand... North Coast's beatboxer for the past 3 years is leaving for SoCal with his girlfriend. Which leaves an opening. And I'm going out for it. I've been trying not to view our last two performances with the North Coast as auditions, buuuuuuuuut. I got some notes after Sunday night's show. And, aside from some audio issues that I think stem mainly from my lack of experience in performing with a microphone (especially in the Magnet space), it was almost entirely positive. And it sounds like they're looking to have a few people who can really rock a mic so that they're not so dependent on one person. So yeah, I'm enthusiastic about the possibility of getting to do that. I love doing the Hip Hop Debate, but these folks are just on another level. They've just been doing it longer. And the idea they might want to do it with me? That makes the little six-year-old spitting beats into his cupped hands feel like his whole life of fucking around with beats and making sounds with my mouth has been worth it.

In all seriousness
I've been feeling lately like I'm almost ready for a serious relationship. And being unemployed leaves me plenty of time to watch Netflix. I was watching the episode of Parks & Rec where Anne kisses Andy in the hospital, and he has this moment where he realizes he's just thinking of April. And I've kind of been feeling that way lately. About one girl in particular. I've basically given up on the whole "let me get some space" thing, because she's been pretty much everywhere I am. As she commented on Sunday, we spent about 12 straight hours together on Saturday. But, y'know, whatever. I like her a lot, but I can let it go. And someone else will come along, or she won't (and indeed, there's a lovely lady who I think may be interested, but see above at really only having eyes for the one). I'm actually pretty cool with things at the moment; especially everything in my life outside of the whole unemployment situation. I'm cool on the whole relationships thing; it'll happen when it happens.

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