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is what I need

It's taken
sooooo long

to get
where I

Pretty much this. I am starting to feel like I have really come into myself (minds out of the gutter). I'm really where I belong: geographically, mentally, creatively. Shoot, pretty much romantically, too (or at least I'm where I need to be now; not that everything is set and decided and happily ever after). The only missing piece is my job. Which I still have. For now.

Practicing breathing. Practicing being grateful. So much wonderful stuff has happened in the past 1-2 years. Not to disparage what came before, but I feel like I was stalled. And yes, sometimes it feels like a wasted decade. I know that's not true, but blah blah allowing myself to feel etc etc acknowledge yadda yadda.

I'm closer than I've ever been to being a real boy.

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