The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


I think I somehow keep forgetting to mention I had my public beatboxing debut a couple of weeks ago. An entire hour of beatboxing (plus warm-ups!) is exhausting. And I went through at least 2L of water. That's a lot of spittin'.


I've been beatboxing on my own since I was about six. Finally, recognition! And a chance to shine. How fun! And it's currently set to be a monthly thing!


Probably the coolest one/the one that got the crowd into it was the one I did based on the Metroid theme (and I love that Metroid is in the Swype dictionary) for a rap about outer space. Folks was like, aw shit, this ain't gonna be no regular show with the same old-ass beats. =D


I'm happy.

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