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"Sweet dreams... you bastard."

I got my CPAP machine yesterday, to treat my sleep apnea. It's weird sleeping with a mask on. And any time I opened my mouth, the positive pressure forces air out and wakes me up (turns out I do indeed talk in my sleep sometimes). But overall, it was better. I felt like I'd actually slept. The beans, they are cool.

It turns out that I'd been skipping out on slow-wave (aka deep) sleep, pretty often. A night without deep sleep just can't be restful. It's physically impossible. So that explains a LOT about my non-existent energy levels. As I've said before, I'm expecting not just more energy but a better metabolism and maybe even an actual decent immune system.

I'm looking forward to the point where I'm used to the device. I am looking forward to waking up refreshed—even more refreshed than I felt this morning, which I'm sure is just the tip of the iceberg.

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