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State of the Nat

Last night, I had my first performance on the main stage of the Magnet Theater. To a packed house. On a monday night. At 7pm. To raucous applause and great acclaim, by all accounts (I never know how I'm doing on stage; I tend to focus more on being true to the scene than giving the audience what they want—wanted means expected and isn't comedy all about the unexpected?). My Circuit team (basially minor leagues for eventually being on a house team with a regular gig) keeps getting better and better; we're pretty much tearing down the house with each successive performance. Last week, I was able to shock even some of the senior improvisors who were in attendance; a good thing as far as I'm concerned (object work is very important when dealing with a corpse/cracking open a rib cage/feeding a heart to your teenage daughter; you really have to sell the weight and effort that goes into every part of it). Shame our last show is next week; I don't know how people feel about becoming an indie team (basically, playing whatever gigs we can find). But! It's going to leave room in my schedule for hip-hop improv practice. Which, frankly, is getting pretty huge (our instructors have won UCB's cage match FOUR weeks in a row, against some almost pro teams. Like, people who might be regulars on SNL in the next few years) so we'll probably have better luck booking gigs as an indie team that way. *shrugh* As long as I'm performing/being creative. It's a quality of life thing, almost a necessity (at the moment, at least).

So yeah, improv is kicking ass. Work is improving, too. My boss is feeling more and more confident with giving me additional responsibilities (and was impressed when I requested ownership of a particular project at today's meeting). She also talked about the general possiblities (more an air right now) for advancement. And man, it feels nice to feel... competent at a job? It's a combination of a lot of things; finally the right mix of medications, some hardcore commitment, being alone (and therefore self-reliant), and just a general sense of confidence (what is this unfamiliar feeling?). That last bit is in part, thanks to improv. Confidence, practice in being human, and also a sense of community. I matter to people, and they like me for who I am, not what I can do for them. And there's an appreciation for my performances, so hey, I don't suck! Don't care if I get famous; don't expect to. As long as I can keep people laughing (and thinking), I'm happy.

I'm working on developing my own (hopefully regular, maybe even weekly?) improv show (which may require me to invent a whole new 'form'). More on that later. But yeah, it's going to be a bit think-y, or at least with a philosophical (and maybe slightly Buddhist?) undercurrent.

I also saw my mother last night for the first time since this whole thing. She asked if we were friends again, and all I could say was, "We'll see." But she came to my performance (whether or not it was an excuse to just see me is irrelevant, to me), and she only had one criticism, which didn't apply to me (though I had to clarify that when she said "you" she really meant "some of them" meaning my teammates). Only one criticism! Right on.

I am teaching myself javascript with Finally getting around to that. It'll make me a more marketable hire, at the very least. Don't really want to be a "developer," though I'd be up for running my own indie business. I think it'll make me more palatable as an architect/designer if I decide to go down that route. My current job has openings in UX (User eXperience), which is an area I might like to move into. It's almost actually kinda related to my psychology degree!

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