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Suddenly, Improv

All of a sudden, this improv stuff is taking off for me. My circuit team (like the minor leagues/tryouts for a house team) is doing great. My individual scenes are getting great (and specific; not just "good show") feedback. I've been invited to do my first main stage show (fingers crossed that it happens) for a diversity showcase next month (affirmative action, boo-yah). And my hip-hop improv class is now actively working on (instead of just bullshitting about) forming into a practice group/eventual performing troupe. Given that our show "killed," it's quite possible we will be in high demand. After all, the only other group that's out there doing what we'd be doing are the guys who trained us (and if I kill my sensei in a rap battle, don't expect me to say why). I really hope I get to be the main beatboxer (read: accompanist). Especially given that I've been beatboxing (i.e., dicking around) since I was in the first grade (or earlier?), it would be one of those lifetime-fruition thingies.

So long, free time! (Like I had any to start with.) If I can get caught up on my projects here at the office, I won't feel too bad about bailing on this place if I can find something closer. I need an end to the 2hr commute. I have done a much better job of managing the work/life balance, especially now that my scrips are pretty much sorted. Once I have caught up with all the stuff I couldn't do when I was non-functional, I'll have proved it to myself.

Oh, and: I'll probably never get famous or make money doing this, but man-o-man is it fun. How often do you get to play Hitler as an African-American jazz musician?

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