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You know I write haiku, right?

Here are some old haiku I wrote for about someone back in the day. Yes, it's melodramatic; it's fucking poetry!

The love of my life
A woman so fair and true
She sneezes. Bless her.
* * *
Her smile like the sun
I'm always amazed anew
that I make her laugh
* * *
I am overcome.
How is measured her beauty?
She knows I exist...
* * *
Soothed by thoughts of her
She dances upon my mind
And my memory...
* * *
The girl of my dreams
Separated by a summer
I long for August
* * *
Question: Why is it
that I never realize
Love until too late?
* * *
I have been waiting
Eighteen months for this girl, so
what's another three?
* * *
The flame of my heart
I need it to keep me warm
My life beats wildly
* * *
Is it really her?
In love with a state of mind.
I should get out more.

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