The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

On Golden (Crispy, Flaky) Bond

[16:13] Me: I need to open a chain of licensed fried chicken restaurants
[16:14] Me: "Do you exshpect me to bawk?"
[16:14] Me: "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to fry!"
[16:14] HJ: call it Chicken Kitchen
[16:14] Me: And I expect you to TRY my new fried chicken recipe
[16:14] Me: Gold-chickenfingers
[16:14] HJ: secret ingredient is Cool Ranch Doritos
[16:15] Me: Thunder-meatballs
[16:15] Me: Octo-calamari
[16:15] Me: wait
[16:15] HJ: The Spy Who Loved Chicken
[16:15] JL: Nuggets Are Forever
[16:15] HJ: A View to a Chicken
[16:16] Me: For Your Tastebuds Only
[16:16] HJ: Chickenraker
[16:16] JL: Chicken Royale
[16:16] Me: ha ha ha
[16:16] Me: They can't all be Chicken Dishes!
[16:16] JL: Quantum of Chicken
[16:16] Me: The Slaw Who Loved Me
[16:16] JL: Why can't they?
[16:16] Me: Moontaters
[16:16] Me: (they come with a tiny rake you can use to shape your mashed potatoes!)
[16:16] HJ: Chk. No
[16:17] JL: heh
[16:17] Me: Try our new Goldenthigh
[16:17] JL: Fry Another Day
[16:17] HJ: The Chicken Daylights
[16:17] Me: ha ha ha
[16:18] Me: We have a winner!
[16:18] HJ: hehe tru dat, fry another day is awesome
[16:18] Me: Chicken so good, it'll scare the Chicken Daylights outta you!
[16:18] JL: These are fun
[16:19] HJ: From Russia With Chicken
[16:19] Me: From Russia with Nugs
[16:19] HJ: Never Say Chicken Again
[16:19] Me: On Her Majesty's Secret Sauce
[16:19] Me: (or Herbs & Spices)
[16:21] HJ: Chicken Never Dies
[16:21] Me: Frycense to Kill
[16:21] HJ: The Chicken With The Golden Bun
[16:22] Me: oh yum
[16:23] Me: Thighmonds are Forever
[16:23] HJ: lol
[16:23] Me: For those of you on a diet, try our new Felix Leiter menu!
[16:23] Me: We have several Leiter options
[16:24] Me: But don't worry, you can always... Diet Another Day!
[16:24] Me: *dramatic sting*
[16:25] Me: Tomorrow Never Fries
[16:25] Me: View to a Grill
[16:26] JL: hungry
[16:26] Me: Live and Let Fry
[16:27] Me: Oh, the next one is apparently titled (at least tentatively) "Skyfall"
[16:27] Me: so
[16:27] Me: either Fry or Thighfall
[16:27] JL: Nugget of Solace

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