The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

D.I.Y. Project: PADDfolio

I recently bought one 'a them thar HP TouchPads. Because I'm the idiot with the WebOS phone. Of course, just try finding a case for it that's not sold out. So I bought a Day*Timer at Staples that happened to fit it perfectly, and modified it. First, I ripped out the pesky metal binder. Man, that was satisfying. Let's take a look at the finished(-ish) result.

Note the cool carrying handle. This will become important later.

There's a handy pouch, which will fit lots of stuff. There's a pocket for your smartphone (for tethering), pens, a notebook, etc. You can also tuck a charger or two in there. It's like a mini laptop bag. Perfect for those unexpected overnights at a friend's place. *cough*lampbane*cough*

On the inside, there's a pocket and such. Room for business cards, your metrocard, work ID badge, a notebook, pen, paper; whatever. I've glued a bit of felt in place here as a screen protector, so that you don't have to worry about whatever's on this half of the folio damaging your screen.

The felt flap is on the other side. I glued it so that it's flush in this position so that you wouldn't be constantly brushing it back out of the way. It covers when it needs to, but otherwise stays out of the way.

Note the elastic. I borrowed a page from this to make that work. Originally, I had a much thinner elastic band on each corner, but that wasn't very secure at all.


Glued each of the corners in place securely. The upper-right corner, where the power button and volume controls are, is made from a strip half an inch longer than the others (a full 4"), so as not to be too snug. Don't want unexpected button presses.

Can't see it here, but I'm using the handle as a strap while I read.

Action shot of the strap. That's some damn fine readin'.

With the handle, it really is a perfect carry-all for your tablet and accessories. No fuss or muss involved!

All pics here.

Existing issues: The headphone jack is covered by the upper left elastic strap. It's possible to hold the tablet in place with the other three, but not ideal. One option is to split the strap or cut a hole or slit into it. Also, I've thought about making a slit at the bottom of the case so that you can insert the charger even while the folio is zipped up. I need to put some felt in place behind the tablet for extra protection, and for friction. Because I'd like to make a crude cardboard stand that's adjustable and folds up behind the tablet when not in use.

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