The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Other birds in the sky

Found some bad poetry in an old notebook:

circumstantial evidence
the madness of dead presidents
against the precedence of your eminence
indicted by your cleverness

but there's not a jail can hold me
for I'm folding time and space
I'll escape the cell of your mind
And look back just to see your face

All the lies in this world
and the next, and the next
Yet your clever scheme's unfurled
and wiped from history's text

I'm laughing now; please know that
and think of me when you cry
though I'm frankly honored you tried to trap
me out of all the birds in the sky

It's the only poem in this notebook before I destroyed it by putting it through the wash. Everything else was destroyed, but yay for Pilot G2's ink surviving the laundry! And now I can throw this notebook out! Yay, progress!

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