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Time for me to fly

Tonight, I'm signing a lease on an apartment in Manhattan. I will officially be a resident of New York City.

Now I need to figure out how to move, what to do about my vehicles (keeping the one bike that's currently in Hoboken, and possibly my dad's if I can; getting rid of the VFR and maybe the car?), and when I can get time off to handle the mess that is all my stuff in Boston. I posted on facebook already, but you know how that goes. If anyone is able to help in either Boston or NYC, that would be awesome. It's just getting stuff into a UHaul (I'll do all the packing myself, unless you want to help) and getting it back out on the other end (there's an elevator, but a few things may not fit in it). I am planning to move either Thanksgiving weekend (is that a genius idea, or completely idiotic?) or the one after (Dec. 4-5th). Doing everything in one day might be a bit nuts; maybe I should load the truck Saturday and then drive down and unload it Sunday? I don't know! Lots of stuff to think about! Yikes!

If you think you can help me move on either of those weekends, please let me know. Thanks!

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