The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Shitty Life, Shitty Poem

When you're brought up to see
life as fraught with danger
To find the menace
in the smile of a stranger
When you're raised to think
you should run away and hide
Or beat upon your chest
so swollen with pride
How can you say
that you're living at all
When forced to shelter
behind this big wall?
Protecting yourself
from some ever-present threat
Guarding a life
that you haven't lived yet

You wind up alone
in a fortress of fear
Imagining threats
that might find you here
Sometimes some sunlight
some how penetrates
illuminating the terror
that silently waits
The horror with
that you cannot elude
The walls are a trap
of your own attitude

You can now feel the pain
of your lifelong mistake
A sunrise of revelation
like the dawn slowly breaks
Life is a but a lesson
made up of this pain
Only when they are shared
and taught is anything gained.
This is your first
it won't be the worst
But the burst of joy
you will feel
at knowing you're real
You'll never be so coy again.

Yeah, so I kinda just shat out an ending there. But yay, a powem!

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