The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Well, that was certainly... interesting.

reverend_dave hit me up on facebook about a karaoke party going on on Wed. (last night). So I'm down, I love karaoke, etc. Then I find out that day, via text, that he wasn't going to be there until later in the evening. So last night finds me chilling at a Korean restaurant with some folks I don't know (friends of a friend, or FoaF), sippin soju and generally trying to keep up with the conversation.

Things are cool; one or two people eventually show up that I know but haven't seen in a decade (or longer). Then David shows up, just about time for karaoke (and I'm sitting there, thinking: 2+ hours into the karaoke party and still no karaoke!). By then, our hostess had hit the soju hard enough that it was starting to hit back.

So we head upstairs for the empty-voice rock out thang. And the room comes with a large bottle of grey goose. Uh-oh. We're all having a good time, though, and we rock out for a solid two hours. At which time it becomes clear that one fellow has not only fallen asleep, but completely passed out and cannot be roused. It's simultaneously funny ("throw water in his face!" "does anyone want to slap him?") and not fun ("okay, I'll grab one arm and somebody grab the other"). It turns out that this fellow was a relative of a friend of the hostess. Basically, we don't know him from Adam. No one has a phone number to call or any idea how to get this guy to wherever he lives. We got him out of the karaoke lounge and down to street level, where a passerby promptly called 911 as we were trying to figure out what to do. Well, I say "we" but I mean "they". Since the hostess was having trouble staying upright, it fell upon me to get her into the 24 hour restaurant next door the karaoke restaurant, and to get some food/water into her. And at some point, I just had to think to myself: I don't really know any of these people, none of them know this guy; this is just crazy. But, you know, it's New York City and it's never boring. One of us went 'home' in an ambulance, one in a cab (still too drunk for the subway to be a good idea), and me? I took the train; got home after 3am (gotta love the 1/2 hr. wait for the late night train). I was actually not that exhausted this morning, but I'm still glad today was a low-key day at work. I'll probably work from home tomorrow on account of the hurricane. That, and my boss and her boss are both out, so it'll be a low-key day anyway.

And then, that evening, I get to go out and hang out with (different) strangers all over again. What can I say, I don't like being bored.

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