The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Weekend in Boston

Coming back to Boston Thursday night was an experience. It was almost like revisiting a recurring dream. The locations were familiar, but growing hazier with the time spent away. It made me realize just how far away I'd been, mentally. New York City has become my life (no, not in some annoying hipster way; I just mean living here is taking my full attention). I've lost track of which end of the journey is home; is it New York or Boston?

Friday was spent working from home. Saturday was fun. We hit some comic book stores. Saw Inception (again) with Becca (her first time). Afterward, we went to Legal Sea Foods and discussed the movie (mainly me blah blah-ing). I'm the worst person to see that movie with.

Today, we took a ride on the VFR. I followed 16 until it met up with 85, then took 85 north to the Sudbury Reservoir. Made a nice loop around the reservoir (Parmenter Rd. is especially nice, if short). Then I took Becca to the Garden in the Woods, which is really pretty. It was more expensive than I'd remembered ($8/person), but worth it. Wildflowers from all over New England in a natural habitat, a fun path with lots of shortcuts and side-trails, and just a great peaceful atmosphere. We even met another couple on a motorcycle, which was kind of funny. I found a parking spot, let Becca off, and was backing my way in carefully so that I could leave space on the off-chance another motorcycle showed up. And sure enough, one pulls in seconds later! I motioned him over to share the space with me and we ended up chatting a bit (he wants a VFR). I ended up sending him to NEDoD (the poor bastard), so hopefully we'll see him again.

Becca and I have gotten really out of sync. My goal this weekend was to chill out and relax, and she was all about getting outdoors. Of course, it turns out this is because I have been going out frequently and she has not. Amazing how quickly that can happen, though, when you're not doing everything together. But it's hard not to go out and experience things when you're in NYC, so I've instructed her to get out more and have crazy adventures so I can sleep in and not have to plan things on my weekends off. Because I'm the best boyfriend ever, clearly.

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