The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Park it like it's hot

(Another boring logistics stream-of-consciousness follows.)

Can't sleep, so I'm looking at options for renting a garage while I'm in NYC. Money-wise, my best bet is to find something PATH accessible. The PATH train is only $1.30 a ride if you buy a multipass. After that, the next cheapest option is a garage for the same price range a mile from the Tarrytown MetroNorth station. Because Tarrytown is on the Hudson Line, I can take the 1 train to Marble Hill and catch the commuter rail there. With a 10-trip multipass, that is about $3.50 each way. The Hudson line is only cheaper because I can catch it at Marble Hill. Everything is waaaay more expensive from Grand Central. It's also a longer trip to GCT from Grammy's. So the PATH trip is about 26 min + 30 to get to the PATH in the first place, or ~1hr. Marble Hill is more like 15 minutes, so Tarrytown is about 45 min total. Then factor in walking time (currently 1 mile for the nearest location I've been able to find) and it's about the same.

Of course, a spot in JC or Hoboken means I have to slog through Hudson County traffic to get anywhere interesting. So there's that time investment as well. HOWEVER, if I'm visiting family, well, they're mostly in NJ, and mostly in a 15 mile radius around JC. This means I can grab bike and ride to visit family. Another thing I'm debating is ditching my car, or at least garaging it in the same place as my bike. No moving my car for the street sweepers, and no worrying about break-ins or hit-and-runs. While I'm tempted to get rid of my car altogether, that a) leaves me at the mercy of the buses/trains b) means I'll (almost certainly) have to replace my car come winter (esp. if I want to do deicing when this contract runs out while I look for my next contract). And this car has snow tires already. Still, I'd like to find a garage spot where I can store my car, bike, and gear (no taking it on the train).

And, of course, it just occurred to me right now that having bikes in two places means having two sets of gear. Duh! Well, I need to upgrade my Joe Rocket summer mesh gear, but a second helmet? Guhhh. I suppose I can use my old one again, for a bit. But unless I want to wear my Stich all summer, I need to find something that's light/breathable and summery, but also can make the journey all the way to Boston and back in rain... for those weekends when I want to ride home (or have to because the buses sold out*). Though having typed that out, it looks like I should give that option up.

Man, I can't wait to get paid so I can deal with this crap.

*Note to self: You got the okay for the time off you requested. Book the bus tickets ASAP, esp. since one of the days you're traveling is a holiday. If you can, might as well book one trip on Megabus and one on Bolt so you can compare.

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