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Moving thoughts

Or... thoughts on moving. I don't expect this stream of consciousness to move anyone.

So, I'm 'moving' back to NYC in two weeks. Time to start making plans. As far as what to take, I need: clothes, my laptops, some reading material (remember books?), and my turntable/LP collection. I want to bring my drums, but should probably ask my grandmother first. They're electronic (and therefor quiet...ish). That's pretty much it, as far as I can tell. I can probably do it all in one trip (even in my tiny car). Especially when you consider that a fair amount of the clothes I will need to buy new (note to self: e-mail to check that the dress code is biz-caz).

I need my own health insurance. I'm thinking about going through the Freelancer's Union (since technically, that's what I am). The cost doesn't look too unreasonable. At this point, I don't think it makes sense to bother with MassHealth, as it takes them several weeks to get back to you.

The annual Spring Fling motorcycle ride is the weekend following my start at work. I'm planning to write a very polite and tactful letter to my supervisor asking about the feasibility of working a 4×10 week on occasion. Most places, your first week is either crickets and tumbleweed or OMGBUSY. If I can, the plan is to take a bus home Thursday night (note to self: last outbound train from South Station is at 11:25pm... plan accordingly) and then ride up to the Fling on Friday. If that fails, well, I'll just have to drive home Friday afternoon/evening and blast up to NH after dark.

Speaking of, I should probably plan a going-away party. Nothing fancy, but maybe a dinner with friends before I leave. Oh and a farewell MeFi meetup. As well as a OMG NYC welcome meetup. Not sure when the latter can happen, as my first two weekends after work starts are: Spring Fling in NH, then (future) S-I-L's wedding in GA. I can has telecommute from Megabus/Bolt Bus w/wifi?

Oh, and I need to cut my hair next week. I like it best with about 2 weeks' growth, so it'll look good for my start date. Not as in "stylish" but as in "not messy."

So as far as timeline, here's what I'm thinking:
Mon. May 10th: Drive down with everything but clothes. Get keys from Grammy.
Tue. May 11th: Drive back to MA in time for couples therapy.
Wed. May 12th: Clothes shopping. Launder new clothes so they're not itchy.
Thu. May 13th: Going away dinner with biker skum.
Sun. May 16th: Drive to NYC, move in. Get groceries, toiletries, etc.

Thu. May 20th: Bus home to Boston.
Fri. May 21st: Ride up to NH with motomuffin, lionstar, milktree, and whoever else (volta?).
Sun. May 23rd: Ride home, catch bus back to NYC.

I e-mailed Becca to find out when our flight to her sister's wedding is. Need to find out if we're supposed to be there Friday (rehearsal or what have you) because that probably means we're flying out Thursday night, which means I have to be back in Boston Thursday afternoon (to pack! ack!). Also important is the return flight info. Because if we get in at like 10pm Sunday night, Monday's going to be a looooong day (again, if I can catch a bus with wifi, I can telecommute Monday morning, and then my office is right across the street from the PABT).

Other issues:
Vehicles- I plan to keep the car in NYC, at least for the time being. I need to look into garaging options for my motorcycle. I'm also looking into buying a friend's motorcycle for commuting. Though honestly, I'm more interested in taking the bus/train between NYC and BOS. But in that case, it'd be nice to have a bike in either city (yeah, I know, first-world problems, also motos in different area codes lol). I am most definitely looking forward to riding north and west of the city when I'm down there. My first plan is to look into renting a garage in Rockland/North Jersey/Westchester (and in that order) that's convenient to commuter rail. That way, I can hop on the subway, catch a train, get on the bike, ride all day, catch a train home. The alternative (other than just parking my bike on the street and praying) is to look into garage facilities in the city itself. But that means riding into and out of the city to get anywhere (and tolls... and toll plazas, which are basically just really wide oil slicks to a motorcyclist), and I still have to ride the subway to get there. I'm thinking I can get a garage for about $100... half what it would cost in the city. Sure, the train will be (slightly) more expensive than the tolls, but the lower rent (even if it's $150) will make up the difference. Plus, there's the whole... get on the bike and you're where you want to be (i.e. Rockland County), rather than slogging through traffic. And it goes without saying that any road into Manhattan is a major road/highway, which kind of defeats the purpose of "Back Roads, Period."

Once I've got my bills back under control, I want to get a Wii Fit and start shaping up with that. Because I promised myself when I finally got a job, I'd reward myself with a Wii. I just hope my grandmother's okay with me setting one up in her TV room.

I think that's it for the braindump. If not, I can always add to it later!

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