The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Grey Lady-bound

Not to be confused with "Grey Lady, bound."


Last Wednesday, I got a call out of the blue from someone at the New York Times. She wanted to set up a phone interview for me, as they had a technical writer position. I had my phone interview on Friday. I drove down Sunday morning to interview on Monday. Last night at a quarter past 9, I got a call offering me the job.

So starting mid-May, I'm going to be living and working in NYC. I'll be staying with my grandmother, so I'll be able to keep paying rent on the place up here while Becca lives in it and I visit on weekends. When the contract ends in December, I'll probably come back here, deice some planes for a bit, and then start looking for my next contract. Unless the contract extends, or they offer me something full-time. In which case Becca will have an awesome job, and I will have an awesome job, IN TWO DIFFERENT CITIES. D=

But we'll figure it out.

Things I am excited about moving to NYC for:
1. I'm looking forward to the weight loss, particularly from all the walking.
2. Reconnecting with all my friends and family in the area.
3. Working for the New York Freaking Times!
4. Meetups meetups meetups
5. All my museums!
6. Rockland County and all my parks!
7. I am going to make SOOOOO many American Psycho references.

Things I am going to miss:
1. Becca!
2. All my friends up here in the frozen north (biker skum especially)
3. My motorcycle (I seriously need to find a place to keep it safe but accessible in or near the city)
4. My drums (unless I can bring them! They're electronic, and Grammy's on the first floor, so it's possible.)
5. My garage.

Last time I lived in New York City, I was barely making minimum wage. This time, I'm making a living wage, I know a bit more about how the world works, and I'm simultaneously more and less cynical. So it should be fun.

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