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Snow tired

When I bought my car, it came with some studded snow tires (on rims). Having never had snow tires, let alone studded ones, I'm not sure what the procedure is. Sure, we've had some snow, but not really stud-ly amounts. Also, do I have to do anything other that throw the car on a jack and swap the wheels out one by one? I have, believe it or not, never so much as changed a flat tire.

So when do I put them on? Just wait for the first uncontrolled skid? And if the local mechanic is willing to do it cheap (wouldn't say how cheap, did say it might take all of 15 min.), should I just not risk fucking it up myself (given that the only jack I have is whatever's with the spare tire)? Also, how do I get the metal studs to throw off cool sparks?

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