The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Not quite a nightmare

I dreamt I was in a zombie apocalypse. And within the dream, I had a weird sort of deja-vu. It was as if I was in a movie I'd seen before. And almost methodically, I played through all the various scenarios; I guess kind of like playing the movie forward and seeing what happens to all of the main characters, with myself in the role. And as is typical with these sorts of movies, none of them were good. So rather than rushing to the rescue as I felt I was meant to do, I just walked away from the scene of the outbreak and went home. I was living upstairs from a restaurant, so I figured I had access to some amount of food. And I just decided to make the most of the rest of my life, however short, by doing things I'd planned to do (like finally writing a novel) and just having as good a time as possible with what was available to me.

Later, I tuned into a news broadcast and found out that there was a sort of cure being rolled out, and that things were returning to normal. But I'd already sort of planned what I wanted to do, which included some travel and now that it was safe to do so, I decided to visit some friends on the far side of the world, visit Tibet, etc. Real spiritual journey stuff. On the airfield, one of the passengers had a kid snatched by a zombie. So they were still out there, but it was kind of controlled. It was sort of like chancing a bear attack by going to the woods.

The central theme of the dream requires some thought, though. I usually argue against the sort of philosophy that one should sit back and let better, more qualified people fix things. At times, I feel like apathy is a kind of cancer, especially in a country built upon democracy. But I guess at other times, it just doesn't make sense to get involved. Sometimes things do just work themselves out. I know I have some pretty obvious control issues, and it was interesting to see these play out on the dream stage.

But I think the real message from me to me was that when the world is burning down around you, you might as well dance, because hey, why not? Personally, I plan to go out on a high note.

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