The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

It never ends...

There are a few things which are still tied to my account. eBay, facebook (remember when you had to have an .edu address?). Graduates of Cornell are supposed to get lifetime use of that address, even if just for forwarding. So hey, I'm about to graduate, right? It should be simple to get the addy reinstated, right?

Called CIT. CIT says call the registrar. Registrar says, "I dunno, speak to this other person at the registrar." "Can you transfer me?" "Uh, sure." Other registrar person wants nothing to do with me, as I'm not currently enrolled. "Contact alumni affairs." "Got a phone number?" "Nope, just an e-mail address."

So I e-mailed alumni affairs. We'll see what they can't do to help me (IF they even reply). Meanwhile, I feel like there's somebody along the line who could have just flipped the account activation switch and been like, "Hey, man, you've suffered enough at the hands of the university. Let's not make this a huge problem because it totally doesn't need to be."

Meanwhile, that job I was supposed to start Monday? Still waiting on the background check. Since my last bank closed/was absorbed, they couldn't verify my employment there. Tried boss's old cel#. Tried BoA's employment verification line. Today's tactic was finding my W-2 (yeah, it's my own fault it was so hard to find it), scanning it, and e-mailing it to the hiring firm. Fingers crossed on that one.

I think I need a nap.

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