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Wagon Fail

Is is distressing how invisible my tiny white car is. Complicating matters is the fact that the horn is almost non-existent. Thus have I named the car "Squeakachu" because of the squeaky horn and the fact that it resembles a little white mouse. But since the car seems to suggest to other drivers that it violates the Pauli Exclusion Principle so go ahead and occupy the same space-time coordinates as me, I may need to beef it up into the Mouse that Roars. Or something.

I gave Rich his plates back today at lunch. This left me a stone's throw away from the hotdog wagon near tckma's place. Since I never made it during their operating hours and have found that wagon-based food is usually better than expected, I stopped by. I was underwhelmed. The dogs looked like regular ol' out of the package hot dogs, and the bag of chips was maybe 30% full (though that may be true for all bags of Wachusett chips). It was only $6 (I got chili dogs), but it was $6 for $4 worth of food. So I'm glad I never made a larger detour to stop by during their narrow operating hours, and I never need go again.

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