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Doing the Stuck

As a writer, I'm continually looking for story ideas. I was reading about time travel again this morning, and I thought of my current situation as sort of a twisted version of Groundhog Day. And maybe that Jet Lee movie about being The One. Part of the issue is that current me is fighting becoming future me because that means he won't exist anymore. And part of it is fear of the open-ended future.

So our hero finds himself trapped in a causal loop. And, at first, he seems unable to escape it. Soon, he's got things damn near memorized. And it becomes a desperate struggle for him to keep the status quo, because he has no clue what lies beyond his infinitely recurring comfort zone. Because I think if I were in Groundhog Day, that's what I'd end up doing. The stuff where Bill Murray realizes he can get away with anything, because it'll all just reset tomorrow anyway. Until something our hero does threatens to break the spell and then he confronts true horror: the unknown.

It's not a direct parallel, but I've wormed my way into this awkward kind of stasis. I've been working on my degree for about a third of my life. And moving forward can be scary, because making decisions feels like it closes more doors than it opens sometimes. But those doors are closing all the time anyway; anything else is just a delusion...

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