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Back in NYC, uh-huh

Last night, the roads were surprising devoid of holiday traffic. Or speed traps. As such, we were able to make it from Boston to NYC in about 3 hours. Becca has gotten much better at her roadcraft, including filling up the gas tank (but not the tires, sadly) before leaving. I had dinner waiting for us when she got home for work (don't have a heart attack; I ordered delivery). We didn't even stop for a bathroom break. As such, we made Good Time.

So I'm in the strange position of staying in my grandmother's apartment while she's out of town for the holiday. We get to use her garage spot and everything. It's triple sweet. I may not have the very best grandmother, but she's way up there.

Later today, I'm going to a picnic in Central Park with some friends (barring rain?). Becca's expressed interest in exploring Coney Island. I both called and texted my brother re: brunch tomorrow morning, and I called my mom about hanging out with her and her church pals tomorrow. And, much like last night's alternate universe highway where it was not Memorial Day, today I'm in an alternate universe where no one's answering their phones. So I'm just going to wait for plans to gel on their own, while being laid back and having fun doing whatever I'm doing. Hey people, I was proactive! It's in your court.

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