The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

I'm home!

I'm back from the Spring Fling. Things to remember:

+ "You're my sponsor."
+ Black Ice
+ White Black Ice
+ The BEST possible way
+ Happy birthday, Scott
+ They still make Funyuns
+ Saw my first wild bear
+ Turn Right if Moose, Left if Squirrel
+ All that has to happen for evil to win is for Demi to just sit there, smirking.
+ "I'm still glowing!"
+ Behold, the Priest of the Future. My electronic ears can forgive sins at five hundred times mortal speed!
+ Behold, the Neon Hasidim with the electric payos. The Jew of the Future!

In fewer than thirty years, I feel like I've had three lifetimes' worth of truly great friends. Aren't folks who just 'get' you supposed to be few and far between?

Blacula is on. I am reminded of the Six-Word Stories we did on MeFi a while back. "The King of Cartoons wants blood." I should go as Jefferson Twilight for Halloween one year.

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