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Mad night musings

I wonder if anyone has a tattoo that says "ON THA R." Props for unicode supported tatts that use .

I'm dealing with insomnia again. Pilotwings 64 seems to be losing its ability to relax me to sleep. The birdman free flight is still fun, though. I have insurance adjusters coming to look at the bike first thing in the morning (i.e., before 9am). It's fun to see what dreams can reveal to us. I spent several minutes in a dream trying to get my schedule straight with Becca. She's going away this weekend (Mother's Day) and I'm going away next weekend, then we have Memorial Day in NYC and my birthday in Vermont. It wasn't quite a lucid dream, but it was definitely productive. It's kind of funny; once you've been doing lucid dreaming for a bit, the whole OMG I AM LUCID OH WAIT NEVERMIND thing wears off. Then it just becomes "ok, shit is weird, probably dreaming, what can I get done?" and you forget about the whole HEY I CAN FLY and whatnot that usually ends up costing you your lucidity.

There's finally news on the Cornell front. I'm still looking to petition for my degree, but if the petition fails, I've got them to agree to letting me finish one incomplete before I am DONE. Graduated. Free. So after I have this insurance and accident stuff out of the way today, I'm going to set to work on that. Once I have my actual degree, I may be able to find a real job again. Whee.

I watched that Family Guy "Bird is the Word" episode like 4 times yesterday. Just the first half. It's fun watching someone else run something into the ground. Made me think how I have certain give-and-take with a few peeps. wimpdork and I have "Are you threatening me?" and "Do what now?" blackacre and I do Surfin Bird back and forth. And baka and I kit-bash old and busted memes into horrifying new states of unlife. Yes, we're still doing "All Your Base Are Belong to Us". Can't argue with the classics. But you can repeat them until they've lost all meaning, melting like some sick parody of a Dali painting. The Persistence of Clever, maybe? I JUST TOOK YOUR JOKE AND WENT POMO WITH IT. DECONSTRUCTIONIST, BABY, WHAT? DON'T BE POMOPHOBIC.

Ok, now I'm just making stuff up. HOW POSTMDOERN, EH? IYKWIMAITYDN!

PS: Solaris. Yum.

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