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I'm on IRC while writing an entry in another window

But this one is for posteriority:

(05:57:55am) (jonathanstrange) now what am I going to do for dinner?
(05:58:44am) (@Nucleo) I suggest ordering in.
(05:58:46am) (@Nucleo) although here, it would be brekkie
(05:59:06am) (jonathanstrange) Ordering in sounds like a go-er.
(06:01:18am) (@Eideteker) oh man
(06:01:33am) (@Eideteker) I would love someone to deliver French toast with sausage to me
(06:01:36am) (@Eideteker) piping hot
(06:02:14am) (jonathanstrange) or bacon
(06:02:22am) (jonathanstrange) french toast with maple syrup and bacon
(06:02:34am) (@Eideteker) Eh, I can get bacon anytime
(06:02:45am) (@Eideteker) I just order from Bacon Cannon
(06:03:01am) (@Eideteker) "Bacon at the speed of sound!"
(06:03:19am) (@chrismear) That sounds awesome.
(06:03:28am) (@Eideteker) It was fun when they first rolled out. Hadn't quite worked out all the kinks
(06:03:28am) (@Nucleo) yes on the bacon
(06:03:30am) (@Nucleo) kthx
(06:03:38am) (@Eideteker) So sometimes they'd, well, miss
(06:03:47am) (jonathanstrange) bacon cannon??
(06:03:49am) (@Eideteker) And you'd be walking along and suddenly, random bacon
(06:03:58am) (@Eideteker) SKYBACON
(06:04:06am) (jonathanstrange) that sounds AWESOME
(06:04:42am) (@Nucleo) that's like that cloudy with a chance of meatballs
(06:04:50am) (@Nucleo) but it would be cloudy with a chance of BACON
(06:04:55am) (@Nucleo) which would indeed be an improvement.

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