The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

IRC b00lsh!t

(11:07:55pm) --- mlis_bakingbrownies changes nick to mlis
(11:15:47pm) (Suomynona) ewww
(11:15:53pm) (Suomynona) baking brownies
(11:15:59pm) (Suomynona) unless that's what you were doing
(11:16:03pm) (Suomynona) and not a euphemism
(11:18:28pm) (mlis) I was actually baking brownies.
(11:19:59pm) (Eideteker) I think it would be so much more fun if euphemisms all reversed
(11:20:14pm) (Eideteker) So that baking actual brownies was called "taking a shit"
(11:20:34pm) (Eideteker) "I'm taking a shit for my kid's bake sale! I hope you'll try one!"
(11:20:53pm) (gomi) heh
(11:21:37pm) (Eideteker) That could get confusing, though
(11:21:54pm) (Eideteker) You'd have to depend on context to know the person wasn't actually dropping their kids off at the pool.
(11:22:03pm) (Suomynona) that's hilarious eide
(11:22:09pm) (mlis) ewww, what are you on about you sicko?
(11:22:42pm) (Suomynona) my kids have swim lessons later, i can't be late having a bowel movement

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