The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Understanding American Politics

In thinking about the schisms in our country and how to heal them, I was trying to appeal to the imaginary conservatives in my head by hearkening back to the Revolutionary War slogan "Join or die." But then I was thinking about that, and remembered that to a large majority of conservatives, "The War" was the Civil War, which was essentially the opposite sentiment (for them). So here, in what may become a continuing series, are the differences between American political groups.

The defining war for:
Libertarians - The Revolutionary War (we won)
Conservatives - The Civil War (they lost)
Liberals - The Vietnam 'war' (we lost)

So when talking to someone from one of these three groups, recall which frame of mind they're approaching the conversation from. Alternatively, these facts can act as discriminators, to determine the political ideology they possess.

Can you think of any others? Maybe most favorite/least favorite ammendment, (least) favorite president, etc.

In fact—
Favorite President for:
Conservatives - Ronald Reagan
Libertarians - Thomas Jefferson
Liberals - Barack Obama (and he's only been on the job 24 hrs!), or maybe Lincoln or FDR

Least favorite President for:
Liberals - hard to call... three-way tie between Reagan, Nixon, and Bush (depending on what generation)
Conservatives - Barack Obama (and he's only been on the job 24 hrs!)
Libertarians - Dunno... John Adams, father of the Sedition Act and enemy of TJ?

As always, I welcome any debate.

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