The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Does this count?

(09:29:29pm) (Eideteker) Is there rule 34 porn?
(09:29:31pm) (Tracy) Probably
(09:29:50pm) (Eideteker) And I don't merely mean porn which validates the rule
(09:29:56pm) (Eideteker) I mean porn OF rule 34
(09:30:03pm) (Eideteker) Metaporn, if you will
(09:30:13pm) (hajen) a site where people go to figure out porn that hasn't rule 34'd yet
(09:30:19pm) (hajen) so it becomes rule 34
(09:30:22pm) (hajen) my head hurts now
(09:30:24pm) (hajen) lol
(09:30:27pm) (Tracy) Okay fine, what's rule 34 really?
(09:30:32pm) (hajen) rule 34 is xkcd
(09:30:58pm) (hajen)
(09:31:11pm) (hajen) "if you can imagine it, there is porn on the internet of it"
(09:31:13pm) (Eideteker) "Stimpy219 finished photoshopping Ben10's head on the nude body of Michael Phelps just as JaneJane20x6 climaxed."
(09:31:21pm) (Tracy) Ah, cool, something I knew but now there's a name for it
(09:31:50pm) (Eideteker) "'Stimpy,' she moaned languidly, 'I love the way you make porn of things just as people are imagining it.'"
(09:33:18pm) (Eideteker) "'He grunted as he finished shooting his load clear over his WACOM. 'It's the only way I can get myself hard these days. I have just seen too much... normal porn to be aroused anymore.'"
(09:34:12pm) (Eideteker) "They both shuddered as he said the word 'normal'. It was as if someone had walked over their graves, and then started having sex with obscure cartoon characters on them."

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