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I had an oddly vivid dream last night. Odd in that I haven't had many of those lately. I was working on Mythbusters and jumped in with some really good (but off the wall) ideas for an experiment during a brainstorming session. Jamie was impressed and gave me another test to run with Kari. Jamie said, "Do a good job on this one, and you're in. Permanently." OMG full-time Mythbusting? Sure! While we were working on the experimental design, Kari gave me a big hug and told me she hoped things went well because she liked me and wanted me to stick around. Which is funny, because I've always been more a of a Scottie fan. Still, Kari didn't know that, and it was pretty sweet of her. I wouldn't put it past my own subconscious to dick around with me by sticking me with the wrong girl.

I woke up before getting to the end. Of course. So now I have had my Mythbusters fanboy dream. I guess this means I like the show, eh?

Trip report resumes when I have some free goddamn time. Maybe Saturday.
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