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"That was intense." "The life of a Repo Man's always intense."

Thanks to everyone who confirmed for me that it likely wasn't the relay that killed my battery†. Since I didn't get to bed til after midnight last night, I opted to work from home this morning. The plan was to ride in for my afternoon meeting. Was. I heard thunder and noticed the sky was getting dark. So I fired off a quick e-mail to the office and then ran back down to close up the garage. I figured it would might drizzle a bit and I'd have plenty of time to run down, stash a few things, and run back before the big nasty bits came.


Suddenly, it was raining buckets and hailing. Things were shaping up to be a real, proper thunderstorm. It was enough to make this midwestern boy's[1] heart sing. So I decided to stay and watch. That might sound stupid to you, but it actually turned out to be a wise course of action. WHOOSH! the wind picked up. The rain, already coming down in sheets and buckets, started whipping up like it was being blown by those giant hurricane fans they use in the movies. That's a shitty metaphor, but that's just what it looked like; a movie. Like, Bible weather. Amidst the thundercracks, I heard a louder CRASH. I poked my head out of the garage to see that I was now apparently living in a treehouse. Branches everywhere. The beautiful tigerlillies that had just bloomed in my neighbor's garden--right next to the garage door--were hidden. Normally, you can see them without even sticking your head outside the garage, big beautiful things. Instead, tree everywhere. The lone lightbulb in the garage did that horror-movie thing where it started winking in and out slowly; seriously, it was just like being in a disaster film. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse; surely, it had to be abating, lightning struck ridiculously close by. I have been across the street from a lightning strike before, so yes, I know this one was almost on top of me. So I stood my ground until the thunder died a bit. Then I grabbed my motorcycle cover, and ran for it. I had to climb between tree branches to make it to the door.

I later went outside to survey the damage. I could see right above the garage where the tree limb had fallen from a tree in a neighbor's yard. It looks like it fell right on the crown/apex of the roof and half the limb went one way, half went the other.

I'm totally fine. We did lose some glass, but not on any important windows. I've already called the landlady and she's on her way over. And the five-year old[2] in me says: "DUDE! That was frickin AWESOME!" Not sure I want to do it again, though.


[1] I was in a twister before I was 1. As in, huddled in a basement in my mother's arms as things were flying around outside.
[2] First time I saw a hail storm in Louisville, I said, "Cool! HAIL!" because I'd heard about it/read about it but never seen it first hand. After about four seconds at the screen door, I couldn't contain my nascent earth science nerd and I ran out into it. My baby brother, being an impressionable toddler, waddles out after me while my mother is frantically trying to grab him and SCREAMING at me to get back inside. I didn't get into trouble; she was more concerned about my brother imitating me. Of course, kids are indestructible[3].
[3] Until they ain't.

† I came home last night after swapping out the chain and rear sprocket on my bike to find out I had a dead battery. It was after midnight. I was pissed.

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