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Upson Downs

GOOD: Productive meeting at work, where I was actually able to follow along and contribute without feeling like an idiot.

BAD: Meeting ate into my work time. Will likely have to put hours in this weekend to catch up.

BAD: "Showers" that lasted 2hrs. 6PM, call gf from conference room. Notice it is raining lightly, but the sun is out. 6:30, coworkers note that it is "pouring" out. Umm, wtf? 7:30, finally decide to head home, despite not having brought my rain gear because I was expecting to be able to wait out any rain that fell today. Oops!

GOOD: Aside from mildly soggy ass, riding home in the rain in mesh gear is not so bad. Manage to ride out of the rain once I leave city traffic.

GOOD: HUGE rainbow from the extended late-day sunshowers.

BAD: Rainbow is behind me (not ahead) on my trip home. Aww.

GOOD: Rainbows are symbolic of my gf. Her grandmother likes to tell the story of seeing a rainbow right after hearing her granddaughter was born. I also have a history of rainbow-related omens with her.

BAD: Rainbow was, as I said, behind me; to the east. GF is headed east, out to the cape for bridal showery things for the weekend. Will miss her.

BAD: Chain on my bike starts making noise on the way home. Once home, find that the sprocket is in even worse shape than I thought. Bike's, at this point, not safe to ride. Will miss gf's car this weekend, too, as aside from my bicycle I am without transport. Which sucks, because I planned to run errands and get stuff done around the house this weekend. Also was planning to SHOP FOR CARS so this wouldn't happen. I might have to sign up for ZipCar or something. lionstar, at least you have wheels while your bike is out of commission. =\

GOOD: Chain and sprockets are already on order for my bike.

BAD: No idea when they will actually arrive, and then when I will have time to swap them.

GOOD: Same person who ordered the parts for me will help me replace them, so I can learn how. Yay, delicious knowledge.

I had stuff I planned to do tonight, like watch Waking Life while I installed my DVD-burner. Yeeeah, maybe later. I can focus on regaining my intentionality later, when I'm more receptive.

Note to self: when you're working this weekend, don't forget your vacation requests.

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