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Do it Someone else's Self

Is there a term for non-DIY people? i.e., Pay someone else and just get it over with?

I know my girlfriend and her family are all simply nuts about spending their whole lifetime working on houses and repairs and interior design, but I haven't got the time, patience, or skill for it. Which is fine, different strokes for different folks, except for those (not my gf) who are so smug about it. I need a term to put them in their place.

Because, really, just because you bought a piece of shit house that you now have to spend the next 10 years making liveable doesn't mean I enjoy you talking about nothing else. You made your bed, now lie in it. For me, the time I can't get back in my life is worth more than the money you "saved", TYVM.

Or maybe we just need a term for DIY-nuts like "freetard" for OpenSource/FSF people. Me no likes the -tard suffix, a la "DIY-tard".

Thank you. This MetaChat Simulpost has been a presentation of Unpopular Opinion Theatre, brought to you by a grant from the GYOFB Foundation.

ADD: Just to throw additional confusion and controversy onto the fire, I am DIY when it comes to vehicle repairs (up to a point). Because I figure the chances are very low my house will leave me stranded by the side of the road due to a mechanical failure.

Hello? Triple-A? Yeah, my PoS house broke down again, and I need a tow. Hello? Hello???
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