The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Doctor Anachronos and the Girl from out of the Sun, part II

Chapter the Second
The armored figure stood, shakily. The gentleman in the dusty black coat moved as if to help his savior, but was rebuffed. “I asked you a question.”

“Three questions, actually,” replied the gentleman, smiling a bit mischievously. “One, you are in the city of London, England, in the kingdom of Great Britain. Two, I am called Dr. Anachronos, man of science. Three, I know not your name, but you came to my aid and I am grateful. I mean you no harm.”

“No harm is good.” The armored figure shook its head in hopes of finding some clarity. Head in heavy-gloved hands, there was a hiss as the seals on the great golden helmet were released. Underneath, short hair of gold, bronze, and copper fell loose, framing the soft face of a young girl. Gasps were heard from the crowd that had by now assembled.

“A modern-day maiden of Orleans!” exclaimed the doctor. “How do you come to these parts, falling as you did from the heavens?”

“I wish for the life of me that I knew.” She staggered a step or two, and winced in pain. “I’ll take that helping hand now, if you’ll lend it.” The doctor rushed to her only just in time to catch her armored frame.

“Mighty marvels! It is as if it weighs nothing at all! I wonder if it is hollow, like the bones of an avian…”

“I assure you, it feels quite heavy to me. And while I normally hate to interrupt, I would greatly appreciate a chance to get away from these gawking faces. Do you practice medicine as well as science, doctor?” asked the girl, trying to muster a smile though painfully holding her head.

“I shall do my best,” he said, solemnly. “But first,” having noted the purse-theft victim among the staring faces, he handed her bag back to her with a tip of his hat and a quick, “Ma’am.” She feebly attempted a curtsey, struck full of awe as she was. And with surprising quickness, they were gone.
Tags: steampunkadventures, story time, writing

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