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Ink and Paper

I'm on this mailing list for motorcyclists who are also nerds. Right now, the topics of discussion are: Tax Prep and GPSen. And I'm like, am I the only one who still uses paper maps and files his own taxes with paper and pen? I don't know if I should feel proud, old, awesome, smug, hopelessly unhip, lame, or what. But the heck with it, cold dead hands and all. If I'm lost, I head downhill, because water flows down, and towns form around water. And with the way I travel, I fully anticipate the little readout on the GPS going:

I'm getting money back, which is going to go straight to my credit cards. And motorcycle parts. But mainly credit cards. The Alexandria Project (assembling and organizing my personal library) is on track. I think I have more books than shelves. Bridges and when we come to them, etc.

Comment Roundup:
This would be a cool premise for a SF story about "god"
Note to self: Check on Bottle Rockets tickets.
Math reminiscences

Not as profound this week. I desperately need to get ahead of my deadlines at work so I can start working on my own writing. I've got like 4-5 decent premises bouncing around my head. Some of them have already fallen out. Like I had one about who was omnipotent, but there was a catch. It was related but not really similar to the idea I had about a dude who was omnipotent but ignorant of the fact because reality only changes when he lies (says something that isn't true), and then history is rewritten around his lie. Problem is, he's a chronic excuse-maker. He's killed three of his grandparents, and two dogs (homework-related digestive problems); wrecked several cars, etc. And did I already talk about the dude who can fold three-dimensional space? And the counterfactual detective.

You will never find the time. You must make the time. Raise da roof!!!

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