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I wake up with these pre-synopsized for lj

I had perhaps the most beautiful, vivid, clear and honest dream I've ever had last night. I refuse to forget it so here goes.

I was walking along with my mom and my brother. All my stuff was loaded in the car, and we were ready to leave. We decided to stop at the Campus Store for some things (more nail polish, ironically. or not). One of the people there was a townie, very out of place, and he did the townie thing of starting a conversation with random people about stuff they don't really want to talk at length about. He was very much the well-spoken man, about 55, lanky, in flannel, with a goatee. His face gave me the slightest impression of emaciation though he wasn't going hungry. I could tell he was smart, just never successful.
I was strangely compelled by his story, despite my initial attempts to brush him off. Pretty soon, a bunch of people were gathered around (not a throng, just 7-10) and he and I were trading thoughts. The dream's starting to get nebulous, but the gist I can remember is that he was a wealthy professor's son, and so was constantly enrolled in a class or two

I just remembered the part preceding this took place in a giant classroom and we were having a very fun astronomy class until it came time to hand in this major huge assignment that I didn't have so I got kicked out.

every semester, learning all sorts of things, but never really going anywhere. He was the archetypical me in the sense that I never seem to hang on to a subject long enough to major in it. He had no degree, for all his effort. The difference between us was that I didn't have the money to stay. But I wasn't 'trapped', either. He had sort of a ghostly-Brigadoon presence that said, I have already begun to fade, I am trapped here, I cannot leave. I think I was supposed to feel good about leaving, because I am getting unstuck.


I liked that dream. I want to write it as a short story if I can. I know it doesn't have plot, it has only shades of characters, and it means almost nothing. But it was real. I told you I have very linear, logical dreams. They're cinematic, with less cuts (edits, actually, but you know what I mean). This was the most linear dream I've ever had. Cause and effect, one foot follows the other. I'm a pitiful surrealist, when I sleep.

"To suffocate this whole human race
Just might keep me awake"

I need to pack. I think. I haven't heard from my Grammy! I hope she's okay. I wonder if she's coming.


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