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De Train

On the train ride to work this morning, I noticed a residential building I'd never seen before:


In my morning grogginess, I read this as:


I was shocked that I had never noticed such a ready perversion of the provincial name for I-90. All along I'd been relying on "Ass Pike", referring to both the quality of the road surface (ass) and the cost of the tolls (reminiscent of having a pike forcibly inserted into such an orifice).

I hope these new Batman movies do really well. You know who would make a great Riddler? Jerry Seinfeld. Just think about it. "Riddle me this, Batman. What... is the deal... with airline food?" "Hey, Bats. Have you ever noticed...?" And then when he captures Batman, he could torture him by forcing him to sit through every single episode of his whiny, nasal, and overall shitty sitcom. "It's about nothing... which is what you're about to become, Batman!"

Plus we all know Jerry's a Superman fan. Fuck Superman.
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