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*grumble grumble*

Daylight Saving Time is only a valid idea when there's actual daylight. Right now it's more like greylight saving. Yay, we disrupt your fragile insomniac sleep schedule and as a reward, you get more hours of dingy grey skies.

My work schedule is flexible enough to accommodate me as I ignore DST. Unfortunately, the train schedules are not. The last train used to be at 9:11, now it's at 8:11 biological time. So I'm actually getting to work earlier than when I was taking the 8:30, which is great, but it looks like I'm getting there later. It also means I have only one train per hour when I'm ready to leave in the evening rather than 2 or 3. So I have 0 latitude when it comes to finishing work. I can't be like, "just 2 or 3 more paragraphs" and then if I'm late there's another train in 20 min. It's more like, "GOTTA GO NOW OH SHIT WORD IS HANGING WHY WON'T IT SAVE GAHHH!!!" (MS Word is the single greatest productivity drain in my job. In its defense, it wasn't designed for 400 page documents.) A Monday-morning meeting complicated matters by being scheduled for 9AM (really 8), requiring me to get on a train at 6:30 circadian time because the 7:30 would have gotten me there after 8/9AM. The meeting was postponed (as of some time after I'd left my house) to 9:30. So I started the week on a deficit and have been sliding further and further down the chute of insomnia. Whee!

It also means stores close earlier. The grocery store closes at 21:00 rather than 22:00 (again, biological time). Which, since I've been working late, meant a mad dash to do grocery shopping last night.

My Civic won't start. I suspect Daylight Saving Time is somehow to blame. At least with the coming thaw of New England, I'll be able to ride to work more often, freeing myself from the MBCR schedule. Unfortunately, it was not an option Monday morning, because it also requires me to be awake (and not groggy). But man is my commute ever sweet. Pull out of garage, get on Pike. Get off Pike, make three left-hand turns and park bike. Traffic is a given in Boston, but when I commute at off hours, it's not so bad.

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