The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


Last night I dreamt that we had a thermostat calibrated in Celsius. The remarkable thing is that I was able to adjust the settings appropriately. It was at 21°C in the dream, and I moved it up to 23°C because Becca was cold. Later, she was too hot, so I turned it back down to 20°C. So it was at about 70°F and I turned it up to 74°F, then back down to 68°F. Hah! I'm metric like a motherfuckre.

White people have started to all look alike to me. Well, not all alike, but I'm definitely seeing them in classes or groups. Walrus-men, plain/homely chicks (which MA seems to have an overabundance of), hipster dudes 1-3.

How do you deal with e-mail? When I read an e-mail that I will need to act on later, I just mark it unread. I keep thinking there has to be a better solution. I miss being able to flag e-mails with a color in Eudora. I'd switch back, but that would only solve 1/3rd of my problems, since I still use GMail, and Outlook at work. I need a universal solution, dammit.

Making things even worse, I get about 2 livejournal comment notifications a month. The rest are being flagged as spam, maybe? I e-mailed spendocrat but I'm not sure if I used the right address.

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