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Back from Home Depot

I have never spent so much time in Home Depot as I did today. I got an extension hose for our new (to us, it's otherwise used/pre-owned) washer's drainage line. I got shelves cut for our linen closet. I got drywall screws to mount Becca's dustbuster in the kitchen. I got wood putty and a putty knife to patch the place we ripped the air-pressure-closer-thingy off the outside front door (is it still a screen door if it has no screens?). I looked at the power tools (either getting a Dremel or a drill, or both). I got a whole bunch of full-spectrum CFL bulbs for the whole apartment. Got a plunger so I can shit without fear. I even got a piece so I can hopefully repair the fluorescent light fixture in the basement (one of the armatures that holds in one end of the bulb is missing).

I think I got some other stuff, too, but who fucking knows? I'll figure it out when I get back to OUR apartment (currently at MY apartment). Still have to finish moving out of my apartment and then clean the bitch. Ugh.

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