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Stupor Tuesday

Hyuk hyuk.

I am registered Independent for the MA primary next Tuesday, and I have no idea for whom I should vote. When it looked like he would win, I was going to vote Republican to spoil for Romney (since I predict he will win his former goobernatorial state). But I was sort of thinking of voting for Edwards, since all the politcally savvy people I know were saying "I'd vote for Edwards, but no one else will!" But really, I don't have any idea who I should be voting for. I'm not too keen on McCain, and I don't like Romney or Clinton. I'm undecided on the whole Obama-train bandwagon momentum-y thing. I don't think I can, in good conscience, vote for a candidate who opposes same-sex marriage. But hey, according to CNN, Mike Gravel's still in it. I'd vote for him just based on the fact that he said alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana in front of a room of high school kids (Preach it, Grav!). But yeah, snowball's chance and all. Even an Alaskan snowball.

I've seen a few sites that give some data on the candidates' real positions and their voting records, but who can make sense of this? I need a good distillation of candidates' views and so forth.

To my knowledge, there is no Libertarian primary in MA. Though I think there is a Green party ballot.
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